We provide an end-to-end integrated approach for the client's real estate investments. Throughout the whole process our clients draw on the expertise of the whole team at Arbitrage Group - a team that will be available to clients at anytime of any day.

There are five key stages where we support our clients:

1) The brief from the client

During this preliminary stage, we will create a focussed brief detailing all of your requirements, including access to mortgage finance. We will advise you on current market conditions, what rental yields are possible and which areas are most stable and offer the best capital growth. We also advise on and suggest areas that would best suit you and your requirements.

2) Search & Find

We conduct a Proactive Property Search by viewing all available properties, both on and off the market. Because of the relationships that we have built with estate agents, developers and private investors, we find that in most instances we will be able to gain access to new instructions before they reach the open market. This is a very important part of our service as it allows our clients to have first choice on all new properties.

Once we have viewed all of the properties, we will compile a shortlist of those that best meet your requirements and send you detailed investment reports. This will enable you to view full property details along with photographs, floor plans and location maps of each selected property.

Once you have reviewed the shortlist and have decided which properties you would like to view, we will arrange accompanied viewings at your earliest convenience and advise you on the pros and cons of each property. By really getting to grips with your requirements, and only recommending properties that meet your needs, your involvement in the search process is kept to a minimum, whilst we do the legwork for you. 

3) Negotiation & Administrative management

After we have found you the perfect property, we will conduct all the negotiations in order to secure it for the best possible price. This is where our experience and knowledge really benefits you. In most cases we can negotiate enough money off the asking price to more than cover our fee.

Once your offer has been accepted, we will liaise with solicitors, mortgage brokers and tax advisors on your behalf. We will handle any problems that may arise along the way to ensure a smooth and speedy completion. And we will keep you updated at all times.

4) Post acquisition: Refurbish, Let, Manage

When you have completed on your investment property, we provide all needed post-acquisition services to ensure that our clients are looked after and that the investment starts generating returns.

We have an in-house management team that will coordinate any refurbishment to the property, acquisition of furniture and interior design – all included in our fees. Once your property is ready to be let, we will find you a tenant to make sure that you achieve the best possible rental return. We will continue to manage the property on behalf of our clients, and we are the point of contact for all tenants to ensure that our clients have a hassle-free investment.

5) Continued advice

We have a network of trusted advisers to assist with all aspects of property ownership. This includes accountants, tax advisors, legal services, building surveyors and valuation.

Our approach is also of continued ‘wealth management’ which includes continued monitoring of the investment property in order to create value for our clients. For example we have many clients that having initially bought one apartment in London have, with our advice, built self-financing property portfolios of 10-15 apartments.


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