Arbitrage Group was established in 2003 with one simple aim in mind - to provide honest, professional and personal advice that would create and add value for our clients.

Our approach is that of a ‘boutique advisor’, based on trust, independence and sound investment analysis. Each property we propose to our client is rigorously analysed according to investment criteria, based on the unique client requirements.

Given our investment focus and integrated approach (which includes property management, refurbishment, financing and continued value enhancement), we work closely with private banks, accountants, tax advisors and family offices to become an integral part of the client’s wealth management as ‘real estate asset managers’.

Aldo Attanasio d’Aponte

Aldo is our Managing Director, and he is responsible for our European, South American and Corporate clients.

Having started his professional life in investment banking, Aldo founded Arbitrage Group driven by a passion for real estate and a desire to channel its investment acumen into creating long-term value for clients.

Long term relationships and a personal approach have been key to providing full all-encompassing service for private and corporate clients and he is well known in the market by the many selling agents, a major advantage in today’s competitive environment.

Alexander Petrovich, Director

Alexander is responsible for our Russian and CIS clients. Alexander worked for a leading strategy consultancy firm, before joining Arbitrage Group in 2004. Alexander’s dedication, attention to details and openness is fundamental to the service that Arbitrage Group offers.

Freddy Saadi, Director

Freddy is responsible for our Middle Eastern clients. Freddy trained as a financial adviser with an international private bank and has been Arbitrage Group since 2006. Freddy is also a professional landlord and has a unique ability of recognising the best investments for his investor clients.


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